Admission Rules

Rules laid down for fresh admission are as under :-

(a)       Suitable education standard of the child will be ascertained after holding admission test and interview.

(b)       Only medically fit children will be admitted.

(c)       The children with Transfer Certificate from Kendriya Vidyalayas and Army School will be automatically admitted without admission test.

(d)       Admission will remain open for a specified period as per directions of Patron, However, wards of service personnel may be granted admission                 even at a later stage, if they fulfill other codition.

(e)       No child will be admitted in a class having full strength without prior sanction of the Patron/ Chairman

(f)       Name of student will be struck off the rolls if he/ she is continuously absent for a period of 10 days without prior approval of the Principal.

(g)       A student will not be permitted to appear in final examination if he/ she fail to secure minimum of 75% attendance.