About Us - History


1.      Army Goodwill Schools (AGS) are being run under the patronage of Counter Insurgency Force (Kilo) as part of Sadhbhavana Projects. The schools meet the essential requirement of Primary and Secondary education. The schools are adhering to the syllabus of JK BOSE and are run on ‘No Profit Basis’. AGSs are funded primarily through Sadhbhavana Funds.


2.      In order to provide quality education to children of rural areas of Rajwar, Ashutosh Army Goodwill School, Budkot was established at Kachhiwar (near Handwara) in April 2004 under Op Sadhbhavana-VI project at an initial cost of Rs 23 lacs and is managed by 21 Rashtriya Rifles (GUARDS). The aim of the school is to provide quality Primary and Secondary education to the youth in the area. The curriculum of school is designed to achieve overall personality development of a child. The schools strive to provide its students adequate exposure to Indian culture & traditions through various co-curricular activities and visits to various parts of the country. Besides providing the opportunity to the children for better education, it also assists the Army in reaching out in the far-flung & remote areas of Rajwar region. In FY 2010-11, under Sadhbhavana-XVIII, the school infrastructure was upgraded at a cost of Rs 13 lacs. In 2015-16, provisional sanction was granted for running classes upto Class IX and in the year 2017 the school was upgraded upto Class X. Presently the school caters for 470 students (285 Boys & 185 Girls).